One humble opinion about Canada’s best city

imageAgain in the press, this time in MoneySense, Calgary is rated as the top place to live in Canada.  While nice on all our collective egos, and a great piece of information to share with my relatives in Edmonton (always a bridesmaid at #3), this ranking just reinforces what we in Cowtown have known for a long time. Why, you ask? Simply because our great city is one of immense opportunity and community. With safe streets, wide ranging amenities, and endless employment opportunities with a culture based on a CAN DO attitude, Calgary’s disposition matches it’s sunny weather.

I first came to Calgary to visit a friend for a week. At the time I was a laid off BC boy who was living off of unemployment insurance. With limited opportunities in my beautiful  home town of Smithers, I decided to make a move to the big city. Soon after the move, I found a great job in the field I actually wanted. I also met a great Calgary girl and married her within the year, and I became a home owner. That was in the first year! Where else can a young person find such opportunity? I’m happy to say we just celebrated our 11th anniversary. Now with 2 kids, the biggest problem we find ourselves in is choosing were to spend our family time together, from outdoor hiking in Kananaskis to the newest exhibits at the Spark! Science Center. I have found Calgary to be a city with open arms, and a big heart to match.

We are a city of optimists  who believe tomorrow will be better than today, because we will make it better! Now don’t panic Calgary, but the rest of the country has heard the good news and is headed this way. So buckle up and enjoy the ride, and don’t forget to pass on to those new Calgarians some of that western hospitality we are known for!